People are always asking me, “Why did you decide to do pole dancing?” 

Like, is it really that shocking, though? Apparently, they only associate it with what they’ve seen at clubs, but they don’t realize how many benefits come from this type of fitness. Yes, I get it. “Stripping” is a popular style, but that is NOT the only way to pole dance. Get with the program, people!

I guess I can’t really blame them since I had no idea what it was really like until I tried it for myself.

For starters, pole dancing is no joke. It is one of the toughest physical activities I have ever done. It requires upper and lower body strength, flexibility, and stamina. But don’t let that scare you. As a beginner, I had none of those qualities; I could barely even do a push-up. But that’s the beauty of taking pole dancing classes and actually sticking to it, you begin to develop those abilities. That is the first major benefit of pole dancing that I always mention to people when they ask:  the fitness aspect! You will feel your body getting stronger and more flexible throughout your pole journey. Most people will notice their body becoming slimmer and more toned. What makes it such a great work out, is that at the moment it doesn’t feel like one. But you will definitely feel it in the next day 😉 . 

Another huge way pole dancing is beneficial is that it builds self-esteem. In the first few lessons, everybody feels silly and out of place, but if you are consistent, your muscles will develop and you’ll begin to progress. As you progress you will become more confident, not only in pole dancing but in your body as well! Pole dancing is incredibly empowering because it teaches us to love our bodies and its abilities.

Plus, pole dancing has been shown to have numerous health benefits. For one, it can reduce joint pain. Strengthening your muscles and increasing flexibility will help with joint pain and can help prevent injuries. It also reduces stress, because it is such an intense workout.