8 Drop-in $96

4 Drop-in $65

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Our Flexible Price Options are a pack of Drop-in classes that are yours to use over the month, and the more classes you buy, the cheaper they get! Your Drop-in Class can be used towards any classes within the month of purchase so if you go on holidays, have to work or are sick, you can just cancel out of your registered classes and book in for others within the month. We have an 8-hour cancellation policy, so as long as you give us 8 hours notice, you won’t lose the class!


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Alpha Midway Pole Fitness is your one-stop-shop fitness facility that specializes in Pole Dance Fitness, Burlesque, Floor Dance, Twerk-Fitness, and more. The Alpha Midway Pole Fitness Experience is marked by personal trainer style teaching, education, family-style setting, and FUN!  Get ready for pole fitness like you’ve never seen it.